Sunday, June 12, 2005

Painted Toes

I am a man that likes to have my toe nails painted. I am straight, not gay!! Do other guys paint their toes? I think they look better and who says a guy can't paint his toes? We get earings and piercings and tatoos. So what's wrong with a little paint? They are a great start to conversation. I recently had a woman looking at my toes and nudged the woman next to her to look at them. She did. I saw the whole thing but they didn't see my eyes through the dark sunglasses. I thought it was funny. Like the first time long hair was popular. By the way I still have long hair. What do the ladies out there think about it? It's really funny to watch people stare and never ask why! Some do ask and I say why not, I like it. I don't paint my finger nails. That is too daring even for me. I do go out in sandles with the painted toes though. Comment on this and be honest. You guys that have never tried it I challenge you to do it for 1 day. Your girl will love it.